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The Ridge Scenic Highway Governing Board needs volunteers from the following board positions, communities and specialty focus areas:


  • Secretary

  • Treasurer


  • Dundee Alternate

  • Haines City Member and Alternate

  • Babson Park Member and Alternate

  • Highland Park Member and Alternate

  • Hillcrest Heights Member

  • Polk County Member and Alternate

  • Polk TPO Alternate


  • Agriculture Member and Co-Member

  • Tourism Member and Co-Member

  • Cultural Member and Co-Member

  • Historic – Southern Corridor (Lake Wales south to US 27)

  • Commercial/Developer Member and Co-Member

  • Environmental Member and Co-Member

  • Educational Co-Member



The volunteer(s) will attend four quarterly meetings a year to take official action of the Ridge Scenic Highway related to but not limited to local government planning actions along the corridor, establishing committees (i.e. 39-Mile Scenic Highway Yard Sale, topic specific), apply for grants, coordinate with community activities, developing and approving the Annual Progress Report and Action Plan Priorities.

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